March 23, 2017

March 23, 2017



Sometimes it’s hard to keep things straight in your head. Prayers can becomes confused and unfocused. Studying can seem pointless and uneventful. Even fasting can seem more about misery than about seeking God.


Journaling is a great tool to help your mind focus and your thoughts come together to form real ideas. For a long time, there was a journal in my living room specifically for prayers that God had answered. I would write down in there every time I saw something happen that I had been praying for, and every time I picked it up, I was amazed at the amount God had done in my life that I had just forgotten, or didn’t remember until I saw the pages.


Our minds are feeble and forgetful (and this only gets worse with age) so try writing some of this down. Put pen to paper and try to focus in on what God is doing in your life. When we look back and see the times and struggles and instances in which God has been faithful, we are encouraged even more so that he will be faithful now.


As you abide this week, take some time to write. You can buy a journal. You can write in a loose page, and put it in a book to find later. Just write. Take the time to collect your thoughts, come to a true appreciation of the situation, and write out what God is doing in your life. The present rewards are awesome, but the long-term rewards of a journal are inexpressible.