March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017

When we face trials and doubt, the one thing we need most is to abide in God. So, over the next week we’ll be looking deeper into our anchor of abiding in God and ways in which we can all learn to know and love him better as we become more like him.


Time in Prayer

Prayer seems to just be a last resort for some people. It’s the “nothing else has worked, might as well pray” mentality. When people say they’ll pray for us, we appreciate the sentiment, but our problem continues, so we find very little comfort in it. Prayer seems to just be one of those things that you know you should do, but when it comes time to get stuff done, you tend to neglect.  


I once heard it said, “If you only pray when you’re in trouble, you’re in trouble.” In other words, if you feel the only time we need to talk to God is when things are going crazy, your stuff is going to go crazy a lot more often. Abiding isn’t about getting God to fix your crisis, it’s about getting God to guide and direct you in and when you are in AND out of times of crisis.


Imagine if someone went to the gym, lost tons of weight because they changed their diet and got on the treadmill and then, once they hit their goal weight, they went back to Mcdonald’s and couch time every day. Quickly, they’d get back into the mess they needed all the diet and life change to remedy them from. And it would be an endless cycle of healthier to not healthy.  


We do this with God. We ask his advice and ask for his comfort when we’ve hit rock bottom and then once some of the pain removes itself we go back to ignoring him and doing our own thing. Our prayers can’t come only when we’re seeing life’s valleys, but all the time, to guide us and lead us and hold us strong when the valleys come.


Take some time this week to abide with God in prayer. Ask him to help you focus on Him and the blessings he has given you, instead of the pain and crisis that are facing you now.