March 19, 2018

March 19, 2018

It’s hard when God seems to keep us from the things we want. It’s a struggle when he tells us no. Even when the thing we want is good, what do we do when God says no? This week we’re going to look at a few questions we need to ask ourselves when we feel like God is telling us no.


Are you building a House while God wants to build a kingdom?


Sometimes our eyes are just on a smaller picture. That doesn’t take away the pain and frustration we’re feeling after God turns us away from something we desire. It does however sometimes tell us to look instead at where God is leading us in the meantime.


God knows the desires of your heart. When those desires are for things that build his kingdom he will fulfill them. He may not do so in the way we want, but he will answer our prayers. Sometimes we just need to see the bigger picture. David wanted to build a temple to show God’s glory. God said no because he was going to build a kingdom for through David for His own glory. David wanted four walls and a roof, God wanted something that would last for eternity. David wanted to break ground, God wanted to break sin. David wanted to construct walls, God wanted to resurrect His Son. David was worried about God’s temple and God was trying to focus David on the coming kingdom.


Are your eyes on the wrong picture? Are you spending all your prayer time asking God why you can’t instead of asking what you can?