March 16, 2018

March 16, 2018

Accountability –
Maybe you can do it alone. Maybe you’re independent, maybe you’re strong. Maybe you don’t NEED someone else to kick the temptation to the curb. But why? We tend to look at our temptations as solo battles. We want to struggle with our own issues and our own faults and keep them bottled up inside. Meanwhile God is putting people in our lives to help us and keep us strong. People who can care for us in our weakness and celebrate with us in our successes.

We want to do it alone, though.

In Jesus’ last night, I remember all the time that he just wanted guys to be praying for him. He asked his disciples and they all failed by falling asleep, but it always stuck with me how important it was to Jesus that people be praying for him. Admittedly, I had overlooked that fact a lot in my own life, but it was very important to Jesus that other people be helping him and praying for him in his hardest trials.

Maybe you can do it alone. Maybe you’re  as good as Jesus and you can kick this on your own. Why make it harder? Why make this something that we do alone and struggle with when we can invite others along to help?

Pride? Fear? Shame? Is it really worth living alone in the dark with whatever your temptation is as you fight it alone?