March 13, 2019

March 13, 2019

When God works, things change.


We talked in our lesson Sunday about God making changes in us. Our hearts change. Our lives change. Our intentions change. Even our desires change.


In Galatians chapter 5 we’re told about the “fruit of the Spirit.” These fruits are the actions and qualities that seem to seep out of a person who is trying to follow after Christ. They are things like love, patience, kindness, meekness and selflessness. They are the things that, when we truly listen to God and try to follow his leading, come out in our character.


The question for us then is, are we making choices that lead to these types of character? Am I working my schedule in a way that allows me to be selfless? Am I working finances in a way to be generous? Am I making choices that help bring out the fruit of the Spirit in me?


God is working in our lives. We’ve got to work with him.