March 29, 2018

March 29, 2018

Why this Sunday?

Easter is a huge opportunity. For whatever reason, people are more apt to accept to go on Easter than they are any other Sunday. Maybe all the eggs and bunnies and sugar get people in a better mood and they accept. Maybe it’s not that. Either way, they’re more willing this weekend than any other time.

Because we know we’ll have more guests than normal on this particular Sunday, we make sure to speak to them. Our message, our stage, our greeters, all know that we’ll have a ton of guests and so everyone is on their “A” game for this one. We make sure that this Sunday our guests have the best experience possible. This is something we strive for every week, but on Easter, we go all out.

The message will be the gospel. The resurrection is the most important part of the New Testament. The empty grave means He has won, death has been overcome, and we can now have new life. That’s exactly what we plan to talk about this Sunday. It’s the message we want all our loved ones to hear in hopes that they’d fall in love with Jesus.

Why this Sunday then? Well…. Why wait? Why put it off? Why keep saying next week you’ll invite someone? Why not do it today? Why begin the process of bringing someone closer to Jesus by bringing them to church with you? Invite them out for lunch. Make them feel welcomed. Start bringing this week because there is no reason to wait until next.

Who are you bringing?