June 7, 2018

June 7, 2018

Stop comparing


Approval seeking behavior often comes from comparison. I see someone else who I want to be and so I start looking to them as the answer to what I should and should not do. My direction, my choices, and my life become a sacrifice to those I’m seeking approval from. I start looking at my life through the lens of “what would Sheryl do” instead of asking “what does God want me to do”?  All because the other person has a career, a  family, a talent, or a skill we wish we did. So we compare, we fall short, and we begin seeking their approval.


There is only one person who knows how you are wired. There is only one person that knows you, even better than you know yourself. God made you. He fashioned you together. He knows everything about you. He’s passionate about you. He knows where you fit, he knows what you’re capable of, and it is His approval that we should be seeking. The beautiful thing about that is that we already have it.


You don’t need to compare. You’re not someone else. You are you. You are the only you and the best you. You can get better. You can grow. You can become more of what God wants you to do. But you don’t ever have to compare yourselves to others to get there.


June 6, 2018