June 28, 2017

June 28, 2017

Making the best use of the time.


There is something else I misunderstood for a long time. Thank God for His grace and his steady patience as I’ve grown. I used to be worried I wouldn’t talk to someone in time. My fear was, from some of the early influencers in my faith, that if I hadn’t had the opportunity to walk someone through “Romans Road” to salvation that I had failed and they might go to hell because of my failure.


I don’t think this anymore either.

I love that he doesn’t tell us to work fast. I’ve forced Jesus into a number of conversations in my life and most times it didn’t work out well. That’s because I used to think making the best use of the time was getting my Jesus pitch out as fast as possible. I’ve learned that the way I make the best use of my time is not about how quickly I get to Jesus with a person, but how well I speak to them where they are at.


Here is what I mean….


Some people are so far from God that a paper track and direct conversation will do nothing but push them away. Don’t worry Bible thumpers… I concede that God can do anything he wants and does use methods like this to bring people to himself. He’s God. He’s awesome like that. However, he tells us to make the best use of the time, not the fastest use of my time. HUGE difference. Making the best use of the time means making sure that my few moments with a person nudge them closer to wanting Jesus in their life. That might mean smiling, being nice, and saying a prayer after our brief encounter. It might mean talking to them and getting to know them, hoping that they allow me to into their life. It might so happen that Jesus moves in my heart and I ask them to church or talk to them about grace. It means I do just like Jesus did with me, I meet them where they are at and move them closer to where God wants them to be.


We have to make the BEST use of our time, and we have to actually do it.


This isn’t an excuse to hide behind for not sharing your faith. The flip side of this is when you know someone for years and they know nothing about your faith and how it plays a part in who you are becoming. I’m not saying go out tomorrow and Bible slap them but make the BEST use of your time, whatever that looks like. Don’t hide behind empty cold faceless invites so you can say you did your part. Don’t avoid the hard conversations by claiming that the “time just wasn’t right” when you know it’s an excuse to not do what God has called us to.


Who has God placed in your life? How can you make the BEST use of the time?