June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017

Colossians 4:2-4


So how do I make my life about serving Jesus? That’s that the passage last week led us to, but how do I make it happen? Over the next few days, we’re going to look at the final lesson towards this idea. If we’re really going to get rid of the vain religious platitudes that seem to flood our churchy lives and start making a difference in the world around us, what do we do?


Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.


It’s hard to see God moving in your life when you’re not looking for it. It’s a lot like getting a new car. You can see a car for the first time and fall in love. Without a doubt, the moment you drive off the lot with that new car you’re going to see five of them that day. They didn’t just pop up when you bought yours. No, instead you were finally aware of them and instead of just being passing cars you started noticing them. You were more aware.


This is how it God seems to work in our lives. He’s always doing something. He is active and moving in our circumstances and in our hearts but we don’t always see it that way. It’s not because he isn’t doing it. It’s because we are not aware of it. We spend so much time reading self-help blogs and pouring our hearts out to other people and trying to fix it ourselves. So then, when God does his thing the way we know he always does, we miss it. We’re so caught up with “being spiritual” that we miss God actually doing things.


Continue in prayer, keep asking, Paul says. Keep bringing your requests to God and opening your heart up to him.  He even gives them something specific. He says, start praying that God would open a door for more people to be saved and watch what happens. Stop praying for “traveling mercies” and for “safe passage” and start praying that God would start throwing lost people in your life for you to be an example for and see him start working. Start asking God to stretch you and to help you trust him and see him start working. Start praying for the things God wants to do and see how quickly you get things moving.


We pray for protection, we pray for prosperity, and Paul says we should be praying that the kingdom of God advance on the gates of Hell and shut the sucker down. He says we have such great things to pray about that God WANTS to do in our lives and we settle for “blessings” over our meal.


Pray he says, and be watchful. Wait and see what God does when you start praying for his kingdom to be made known. See what happens when you pray for the lost around you. Pray and be thankful because we know he is faithful, and you soon will see.