June 25, 2018

June 25, 2018



The people I fear for the most, the person I fear becoming the most, is a very religious, person.


The problem for most people who have placed religion as an idol in their life is that no one ever notices. I mean how could they? On paper, most everything looks right. To the rest of the word, your life looks like it’s under wraps. You carry your Bible. You know the language. You attend regularly, serve in multiple places, and maybe you’ve even got yourself convinced that everything is good because look at the “fruit.” This week we are going to look at some of the signs that maybe your life has become a little too focused on your religion and a little less focused on Jesus.




Lacking Love


Religion removes love. When you’re getting more focused on religion you start to value actions over people. You see people, not as someone who God loves and cares for, but you see them based on their performance. So people who are harder to deal with or who don’t have their life together go further down the line. If they don’t seem polished and pristine then they are work to us, and the compassion, love, and grace that overflows from a walk with God just isn’t there. When we focus on religion over Jesus the love in our relationships, the love for others, the love for people is lost.


Do you love others? Are you considerate of others? Are your life and faith defined by the way you love God and others or by how “holy” you are?