June 21, 2019

June 21, 2019

Judges Summary

We didn’t talk about everything in this series. The book of Judges goes on for a few more chapters to talk about what happened in Israel. They failed over and over and over until God eventually did something in their midst. In the next book, Ruth, we meet a few characters who did terrible things in this time of the judges and we also met some people who did the right thing. Some people compromised and still others stood strong even in temptation.


It’s easy to generalize and think that everyone was evil. Ruth shows us that in the midst of so much wrong there were still some good people around. There were still people who were trying to follow God and do the right thing.


It doesn’t matter what the world around you looks like. It doesn’t matter what everyone else is doing. We are accountable to God and it is in His will that we must follow.

This is going to be our last daily devotional. As we’ve worked very hard over the last few months to create new and in depth ways for you to encounter God’s word and find its meaning for your life. One of the most exciting things we’ve begun to offer is the reading plan that goes along with it. So, while we won’t be posting devotions here anymore, it’s because we’ve created a new and more in depth way for you to get into God’s word and get a quick bit of guidance for your life.


Thank you, for those of you who have read along with us over the past few years. We hope the new option of reading plans/devotional a is just as helpful, if not even more so.


You can pick up your copy at the Next Steps table on Sunday mornings or you can email rob@originschurch.tv and we’ll make sure to send you a PDF version.  

June 20, 2019