June 19, 2019

June 19, 2019

Judges 15:1-8


Samson had issues. He was a hot head. In the passage we read today he is wronged, but he goes over the top in his reaction. He does some pretty crazy fox/fire stuff that ends up getting not only a family mad at him but an entire people. The whole community is now against him because he tried to burn down all their stuff. He got angry and did something reckless.


Its easy when you’ve been wrong to justify poor reactions. How often do we say things like “if you wouldn’t have ____________”  “Dont make me…………..” and “ Well if you hadn’t………” All these things are said to try and escape the consequences of our own actions and point towards something else. It’s your fault I did this. You’re responsible for my reaction. However, that’s not how it works.


You are responsible for your actions. It doesn’t matter what someone else does. You are responsible for you.


Stop letting the actions of others define who you are. Stop responding to what other people do and start being who you are supposed to be regardless of what others are doing.