June 19, 2018

June 19, 2018

Meditate on God’s word.


Maybe you’re really good about reading every day. Maybe you read a chapter every morning. Maybe you memorize a verse or two and when it comes to Bible stuff you’ve got more facts tucked away than most would answer.


How often does it come up throughout your day though? How often do you remember what you read? Do you ever stop in the middle of your day to reflect on what you read this morning, how it can influence your day, and what you should be doing in light of this?


Meditating on scripture (very different from emptying your mind through meditation) is about coming back to the word of God over and over throughout your day. It’s not learning more, it’s not grabbing new and interesting facts, it’s allowing one truth to sit in the back of your mind on repeat, subtly changing how you live.


When desires strike, meditate on God’s word. Even when they aren’t coming at you, meditate on the truth. Let the word of God get so deep in your mind and in your hearts that when the lies of temptation show up and try to take residence there is no place for them to go.