June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017

Colossians 3:18 – 25   “Wives”


What I do love about this is the word choice of Paul uses. Submit, as Paul says, is very different from the cultural norm in Roman society to obey. Submission is not an inability, a weakness, or even a failure; submission is about humility and has conditions.


All believers are called to submit to government authorities and the other forms of leadership in our life, yet we’re also called to live in a way honoring to Christ. Submission for a wife is not a blind, empty, ignorant obedience to a man, but a submissive, meek, and humble cooperation with her husband towards a Christ-centered life.


I think the biggest hang up we have are the times when we fear our spouse may abuse their “leadership” and ignore our voice. Paul didn’t say obey though, he says submit. There is struggle in submission, there is some back and forth. God didn’t want wives to sit down and shut up but instead wanted them to be part of a very real team, the family, that God has placed us in. And when someone in that team is leading in a bad way or is making poor choices, or maybe making no choice at all, it’s okay to say something. It’s Biblically encouraged to call someone out on their crap if it is in love. (the middle of a screaming match may not be the best time to do this, but you get the point.)


God calls wives to submit. He doesn’t call them to obey blindly, walk willingly into sin or foolishness, but to support and care for, and advise and love their husbands submissively as they do their best to try and lead their families in a Godly direction.