June 18, 2018

June 18, 2018

We all know the struggle of our desires. We want a drink. We want the next high. We want the stuff. We want more. We know that these things are not good for us and that we need to remove them from our lives, but why is it that they seem to creep back up and always be a struggle? What can we do to give ourselves more strength when desires come knocking at the door and we don’t seem to have the strength to hold our own.


Control your thoughts.


Letting your mind wander can be one of the worst things you can do, even when you’re not struggling with a desire you’re tempted towards. This isn’t a word of faith, believe it, speak it, kind of thing. It is simply the fact that your mind has a great deal of control over what you do and how you feel. It’s why the scriptures tell us to bring every thought captive. We need to be careful about where we allow our mind to go. When we’re tempted by something, when we desire something that is not good for us, we need learn to think about truth.


Combat greed with thoughts of God’s generosity.


Combat anger with thoughts of God’s grace.


Combat sexual desire with the purity and love


Combat substance and addiction with the truth of freedom in Christ.


Watch your thoughts, be careful where you allow your mind to go, and combat every lie temptation tells you with the truth.