June 12, 2019

June 12, 2019

Judges 12:1-15


At the beginning of this chapter we get one more story of Jephthah doing terrible things. He ruled six years and was not good for Israel. He had people killed if they pronounced a word wrong. It’s  insane.


After this we see 3 more men who reigned over Israel. They didn’t do terrible things like Jephthah, but they didn’t do anything great, either. Their stories are wrapped up in a few verses. They weren’t as bad as the other guys (he didn’t set the bar very high) but they didn’t make Israel better either. They just lived. And things didn’t change.


This is a great fear of mine. At the end of my life, after the culmination of my 80-90 years that people won’t have anything to say about me. That I altered nothing, changed nothing. But yup, he was there.


Do you live every day like something can change? Do you look at each day God gives you as an opportunity to do something, or have we gotten so carried away with just existing that we’ve forgotten what it looks like for the church to change the world?