June 11, 2019

June 11, 2019

Judges 11:29-40


Jephthah’s vow is one of the most devastating stories in this book. A man, whom God used to free his people locks himself into a vow that ultimately costs him his only daughter. He burns her alive as a “sacrifice” to God. He had made a vow and he was going to keep it.


The worst part of Jephthah’s story comes not only from his own ignorance and actions, but the silence of everyone else. We see no one rise up to stop this. We see no one question his decision. No one had the knowledge and the courage to speak into this evil decision. They saw it, they knew it, the poor girl wept for days over it. Ultimately they did it. And no one stopped her. They remembered her by mourning every year on that year .


Crazy things happen when you’ve mixed your faith with what the Bible says and what your culture tells you. So many people believe things that aren’t actually in the Bible but they’ve seen it on TV or heard someone said it. It’s a pick your poison theology.


While this may not lead you to sacrificing your children, the costs are still great. It can lead us to live empty lives, void of the power and mission of the gospel. It can lead us to terrible places we never wanted to be thinking God is honored when truly he is embarrassed.


Have you studied your faith? Do you know what the Bible says? Are you ready to give an answer for the faith you have?