June 11, 2018

June 11, 2018

I’m a goals kind of guy. I set new ones for myself every year and work tirelessly to finish them. Goals can be a great thing, but they can also distract us. Often, achieving the milestone or making the mark can distract us and get in the way of allowing God to move in our hearts and lives.



Is it ever enough?


When you’re in elementary school all you think about is being grown right? We ask our kids what they want to be when they grow up, we start them on paths towards success as early as junior high, and we push them to think about the future.


The first milestone we’re pushed to achieve is driving. We look forward to it. We long for it. We talk about all the places we’ll go once we have the freedom to drive and then it comes. As soon as it comes, if not sooner, we start talking about college or trade school. We are told we need to be making wise choices about the rest of our life. So we pick a school, declare a major, and start looking to graduation.


School takes a while it seems, hours of studying, learning, maybe interning, but ultimately working towards graduation but at graduation, you’ve got to start thinking about a job. Student loans are real and they hurt, so you have to get a good job now.


So, we find a job and we start working, we talk with human resources about a “career path” and we start doing our job. Yet, as we work, all the while maybe we’ve been dating and now it’s time to get married. So we’ve got to get a spouse. That might change our career goals, that might change the long-term plans but now we’re married and you know what follows. We need a house.


So, you find a house and end up in debt and maybe get a dog too. Soon enough you start wanting to fill that house though and kids begin. Kids are a 20+ year process that kind of consumes you and dictates your life. And when the kids get a little older you start thinking about all you’re going to do when you have an empty house, when you retire, when you can finally do what you want, and by that point, you finally get to retire. And before you know it, your life is on the downward side of the chart and as you’re looking back 65 years have passed. The entire time, all you’ve done is focus on the next, next, next, thing.


It’s an easy trap we can fall into. We can get so caught up in what is supposed to come that we miss the beauty, the opportunity, the reality we have right now.  So this week we’re going to look at ways to be in the moment. We’re going to look at what you and I can do to make sure that we’re living today, making the most of this moment, and not missing the opportunities God puts into our lives.

Are you driven by” next”? Do you ever enjoy the stage of life you are in?

June 8, 2018