June 1, 2018

June 1, 2018

Serving for others

We talked a great deal this week about what serving does for you, but we cannot neglect the fact that our service should truly be about others. Our service should be for the people we are serving.


Every day, God puts people in front of you that you can serve. It might not be some major gesture, it might be as simple as letting them go first. Picking up their mail and bringing it back to them, or just being a nice coworker.


We think of service as some grand act sometimes when really it’s more of a heart. Our service is a disposition towards the people around us, the way we treat them, the way we love on them, and the way we consider their needs above our own. We’ll never be perfect at it. We will always have to search for new ways to be doing it. However, when our heart is inclined towards being a servant those opportunities seem ever apparent.  


Is your heart inclined towards serving others?

May 31, 2018