July 9, 2018

July 9, 2018

The idol this week that we’re going to focus on is ourselves. We can easily find that our own life’s agenda becomes the overarching focus of what we do, so how can we learn to think less of ourselves and more of others?


Take care of yourself first.

This seems a bit contradictory, but a lot of the time we’re so selfish because we aren’t taken care of ourselves. We’re already too tired to help ourselves, so when the thought of helping someone else comes up, we’re repulsed. Selfishness is easy when you yourself are in need.


Take care of yourself by getting the rest, time away, and comfort that you need. Stop living your life on half empty. This is why the Sabbath principle is so important. We cannot give our best if we’re worn out and beat down. Take the break. Yet, don’t break from work, break for work.


July 6, 2018