July 6, 2018

July 6, 2018

Ever Faithful Generosity


Your stuff is not your own. We believe that. If you know Jesus and you believe God created it all, everything is His. We’re just holding onto it while we’re here. In fact, this is such a reality that in 1 Peter, talking about our forgiveness and grace, and blessings we’ve received, Peter tells us to be good stewards and use those things to serve others.

We tend to do this backward, don’t we? We look at all of our needs and our bills, and our desires, and the stuff we want to buy and if there is anything left we look at where we can give it away. When Peter tells us, everything we have it given to us so we can serve others. Serving others, then, should be our primary agenda, not ourselves.

Does this mean to skip out on our bills to give? NO. Run from a church that teaches that junk. But it does mean our giving needs to move up in our priority. Are we intentional about giving? Are we specifically looking for ways to be generous with the people around us? Are we planning to be generous?


Don’t let your stuff rule you. Don’t let your money be the thing that pulls you into selfish narcissism. Instead, as God intended, use your stuff as a way to serve others. Use your gifting, your time, your resources as something God can use for his glory and his kingdom.


July 5, 2018