July 31, 2017

July 31, 2017

Introduction: The book of Acts was written to tell the story of how the early church began. It records how the Spirit of God moved in men to change the world and turn everything upside down. It was written by Luke, the same guy who wrote the gospel of Luke. Luke was not around for a great deal of what is talked about, but as Paul’s apprentice and traveling partner he had access to a great deal of sources to ask, question, and compile the witnesses of what had happened in Jesus’ life and at the beginning of the church. Over the new few month, we’re going to be looking at the way the church began, what its heart beat for, and how we can do our best to change the world the way they did.


Acts 1:1-8 – Wait


After Jesus had appeared to some of the Apostles, he told them to wait. He spent about 40 days with them after he had raised and at the end of those days, he told them to wait for the moment they would receive what was promised – The Comforter. They had to wait, though.


I’m not one to wait. I like to get things done. I want to make it happen. I prefer to get hands on and do things. Grazing over things for days on end before getting into them just isn’t me. I don’t like making poor decisions either, but once I’ve decided, I like to get going.


God does not work that way. He likes us to wait. He has his plan, he has his timing, and we must wait.


Can you imagine for a minute how terrible it had to be for the Apostles. They had seen Jesus, the guy who was killed and buried, alive and well, they ate with him, talked with him, an? I’m sure they wanted to do something about it. Those who mocked them. The people who claimed they had wasted years of their life. The Roman government who thought they could put him down, along with the religious leaders who thought they could set him up, they needed to know God won. They needed to have their noses rubbed in the fact that a crucifixion couldn’t stop him. The Roman government couldn’t stop him. There schemes couldn’t stop him.


Jesus instead tells them to wait. Go, sit, and wait.


It’s hard to wait sometimes. It’s hard to blaze ahead and make things happen. It’s hard to let God’s timing rule. Yet when we ask to follow Jesus, when we ask him to lead our life and give us a new start, we submit to His timing. We give him the say in when things start. We let him decide when we get married. We let him decide when we move. We let him decide the timing on things and sometimes that means waiting.


The Apostles wanted to get up and do something, but God said wait.


What is God asking you to wait on? What would you rather have in your timing that let God’s plan unfold. What are you trying to make happen now that God thinks would be better suited for later?