July 3, 2018

July 3, 2018

Purge much?


How much stuff do you really have? Honestly…. Do you even know? Can you give an honest accurate number of how many articles of clothing you have? What about movies? What about coffee mugs? How about books or shoes? We tend to accumulate stuff. Without thinking, one becomes two becomes a collection becomes a closet becomes a mountain becomes a problem we never saw coming.

I read an article by a girl who decided she was going to wear everything in her closet at least once before recycling. She needed to know how much she had and if she actually liked her clothes so she started wearing stuff, a new outfit every day, which seemed normal at first. A week went by with no issues. Two weeks went by. A month went by. 3 months went by. Almost six months later the young lady admitted she was wearing some ridiculous outfits but was still going. Finally, on the last day, she pulled out an old bridesmaids dress and wore it around to her classes all day. It was the last thing in her closet almost 7 months later. She didn’t realize how much she had.

How much do you have? Where have you let things accumulate to an unhealthy point? Take some time this week and clean up a bit. Purge. Get rid of the stuff you’re never going to wear. Throw out the old boxes of junk. Make room in your life for things that truly matter, not more junk.


If you’re truly interested in clearing out some of your stuff and making more room in your life for the things that matter, consider checking out the links below.






July 2, 2018