July 27, 2017

July 27, 2017

Ruth 4:13-17

Here is why it is so important to be around good people. Naomi is a perfect example of someone who made a lot of negative choices but because she was fortunate enough to be around people who were making good choices, she was blessed as a result.

After Ruth was married and pregnant, she brings her mother in law in to be the nurse for her child. Her son, Obed, would be in Naomi’s care and thus she would have a job, a place to stay, a purpose, and a family. Everything her and her husbands faithlessness lost was restored by the faithful choices of Ruth and Boaz. Being around wise, faithful people made Naomi’s life better.

They also became part of a community. Where people knew of their story and shame, after being redeemed they were part of the neighborhood, the nation, the tribes. These neighbors were so close that they helped name Ruth’s baby. That means they were pretty close.

Do you surround yourself with faithful people? Do you have people in your life who encourage you, who make things better, who help build up? Or is your life full of people who know you, but don’t do anything to help your life improve. Naomi had made some terrible choices, but because she was around good faithful people, she received some favor as well. She weathered out the consequences of her sins to find that God had something beautiful in her future.