July 24, 2017

July 24, 2017

Ruth 4:1-2

After Boaz sees what Ruth desires, and he too desires her, he begins going about being with her the right way. He starts by going to the “gate” by the temple and courthouse to work out the whole situation with Ruth. He starts the conversation there by calling the man who was supposed to redeem Naomi and Ruth and also ten of the cities respected men and they talked about what would happen with Ruth.

This could not have been easy. Even if we ignore the confusing and uncomfortable conversation about buying land, marrying a woman, having a child with the woman you love, and asking permission from a man who probably knows little of her, this still isn’t an easy task. The schedules alone had to be difficult. Getting ten men to show up to the same place at the same time to talk about something is crazy difficult. They’re also just past the harvest season so they’re all probably very busy. Yet he manages to get all these men together to talk about Ruth.

Here is why this is so important. There were faster, more efficient ways to be with Ruth. He could have just married her. He could have run away with her. He could have been with her in secret and continued caring for her (side women are nothing new, unfortunately). And yet he didn’t. He goes through the trouble to arrange the meeting. He goes through the trouble to get everyone together. He risks losing her to the man who “rightfully” should marry her. He does all of this because he knew that while there were many ways to “be with” Ruth, there was only one way to do it right.

Often we chose the quickest easiest path, and while we think it will give us what we want, it cost us so much. When I got my first car, it was a beat up 1992 Chevy Cavalier. It had a lot of miles and cost me around $1,200.00. I remember going to the car lot and picking it out. I wanted a nicer car. I couldn’t afford a nicer one though. I had worked hard to save up money, I had a little from my parents and a little from my grandma, and with taxes, title, some stuff to be fixed, i had just enough to get this car.

It was a cheap piece of junk, but it was my piece of junk. I took great care of it. I loved it. I worked hard for it and when I got it, I appreciated it.

Some of us, we want things in life handed to us. We want to take short cuts, we want the quick fix, and even in our faith we don’t want to work for it. I’d rather have the married that works out because i prayed about it, not because i was a better spouse. I want the children that grow up “blessed” but because God’s favor was over them not because i taught, trained, and exemplified godly principles. We want the easy fix. Boaz could have had Ruth and it could have been done in much easier ways then he was going about it. More important that getting what he wanted was getting it the right way. If God didn’t want him to be with Ruth then he shouldn’t be. He left that in God’s hands. If God wanted him to wait he would, he trusted God’s timing. If God had truly brought them together he wanted it to be done according to His laws, so he followed them.

What short cuts have you taken? What things in life do you want, just not the way God wants you to get them?