July 2, 2018

July 2, 2018

We talked this week about our money and our stuff. We put so much emphasis on that rather than eternity and how God wants us to look at the world. So, as we go through this week’s devotions, we’re going to take time and look at what God says to us about our money and our stuff.



Less is more


First things  first – curb your shopping. So many of us, the reason our money is so important and the reason we force ourselves to make it priority is because we long for the things it brings. We want new clothes. We want to update the patio. We want the newer car. We need a new iphone. And to get all those things we need to get more money. And to get more money we need to work, and work harder. And so our “needs” cause us to place a higher value on money than we should.

Do we really need these things though? Like really? I mean, I know we want them. I know they might add benefits to our life and make things more enjoyable and all that. Do we need them though? Because the cost we pay to get them sometimes seems too high.

We end up giving up our lives to try and make it better. It’s a sad lie we fall into so easily. I NEED this and life just won’t be as good without it.

What if you didn’t really need it? What if you could have less, give more, share more, and experience more of your life? What if deciding some to downgrade some of your needs to wants is the only thing keeping you from truly having a better life?