July 18, 2017

July 18, 2017

Ruth 2:1-23


Before we move any further in the story we’ve got to stop and talk about Boaz. We were introduced to Boaz a while earlier in the book and we see him as a very admirable person. He’s got a good business. He’s got a farm. He’s employing a number of people. He brings out lunch for them and he prays with them, praises with them, and shows God to all of them.


Can we just stop here and admit that this kind of boldness is hard enough. We struggle to pray in public. We struggle to share our faith. We have difficulty inviting people to church with us. It’s not easy to be so bold and outspoken about your faith, and it’s even harder to do it in a way that people still want to be around you.


What goes even further is that Boaz talked about his faith, but he also lived it. Clearly, his field was one where the homeless and struggling could come and find some extra food. He was a faithful man who shared his relationship with God openly, but he saw a woman searching in need and had a compassionate enough heart to inquire.


This made me wonder how many opportunities do I miss? How many chances does God give me to reach into someone’s life and make a difference but I fail to see it. How often does he place a person in my path that I could truly be a blessing to and my schedule keeps me from seeing it? How often am I less than thrilled about someone who might seem “intruding” into my plans but is really a very present part of God’s plan?


Everything that happens in the book from this point on is really made possible because Boaz was paying attention. He was kingdom minded and used everything God gave him to make the world better, to help those in need, and show them the glory of God.


What might God want to do in your life? Are you making yourself available and present for the things he has planned?