July 17, 2017

July 17, 2017



In these verses, Naomi realizes who it was that showed such great generosity to Ruth. They finally know what we learned verses back that Boaz was actually one of the men legally responsible for helping and aiding Naomi in her struggles.  


Redeemers in the Old Testament were close family members who were responsible for doing two things. First, they were responsible for helping regain the property of a widow of family member fallen into poverty and second, they were responsible for marrying a widowed woman to help her in her circumstances and give their relative an heir. Boaz was not the main person responsible, but he was someone who was obligated to help if someone else was not doing so.


Naomi tells Ruth to make sure she stays there in his fields and works close to his workers so that she won’t get assaulted.


Sometimes, getting from a bad place to a better place requires you to go places and do things you’d rather not. Ruth was putting herself in a pretty vulnerable place every time she wandered off to go harvest grain. Naomi saw that this would be a safer place than some random stranger so she tells her to stay there and work among Boaz’s helpers.


We’ve talked about it once already, but this is clearly a place where Ruth could have been prideful. She could have gone anywhere she wanted but she had to be humble and admit that yes she was vulnerable. She had to show humility and go back the next morning and accept his offer to help and protect her.


Pride can ruin a lot of good things. It can keep us from a lot of things God has for us because we think we deserve more or better. Ruth could have gone on her way and demanded the “respect” she was owed for taking care of Naomi and working so hard and fighting to keep everything together. No one would have disagreed. Instead, she was humble, she continued working in his field until the harvest, and she got by on a very lowly job.


What might your pride be keeping you from? What opportunity could God be placing before you to help you get to where he wants you?