June 30, 2017

June 30, 2017



Paul started this book with some very rough and heavy words to a church he was very concerned about. They had lost focus in their faith and we’re being misled by ideals that didn’t truly benefit the purpose God has given us in our “new life.”


The beauty at the end of this letter is how much detail Paul goes into about all the people wanting to say hi, come and see them, who remembered them, who greeted them, and who were praying for them. These people were loved. Even from distance, the church had such a unity that they were excited about their victories, praying for their struggles, and encouraging them to press forward. Paul mentions nine different people who this church would know and who cared for the people at the church. That’s a great deal of love and compassion.


Do you have people like this in your life? Do you have someone that you’ve given the authority and the positioning to call you out like Paul did? Do you have a group of people (nine is an insane number) who love you and care about you and who pray for you? Do you have nine people who you are regularly praying for and loving on? We can’t walk this journey of faith alone, and we were never intended to.


Who walks with you?

June 29, 2017