January 8, 2018

January 8, 2018

Forgiveness is tricky. We’ve all had someone tell us they forgive us and then come back a few days, weeks, or years later to slam it in our face. It’s this thing we know, but we also know it to have limitations.


That’s what’s so crazy about the way God forgives us. He doesn’t hold on to it, He doesn’t hold a grudge against us, and He doesn’t wait for His chance to get back at us. He simply forgives. One passage, Psalm 103:12 says that He removes us from our transgressions. That’s not all though, He removes them as far as the east is from the west.

If you’re directionally challenged, they’re opposites. They go the other way. They don’t meet. They don’t come back together. If you go east, you’re always going east. If you start going west, you never end up going east.


God says as far as your sin, your past, your hurt, and your shame, they’re gone. You two won’t ever meet up again. You’re east, and it’s west. Done and over. It’s complete and ultimate forgiveness. It’s forgiveness that says you’re forgiven, and you’re rewarded. You’re not just given mercy, but grace right along with it. You’re not just told not to worry about it, he says it’s paid for in full and you’re good.


This kind of forgiveness is different. It’s strange. It’s weird. It’s beautiful. It’s something that changes the way we live, love, and forgive. ourselves.