January 4, 2018

January 4, 2018

So just give away all my hobbies and spend every moment reading the Bible? Pass.  Hard pass.


We all have things we love to do. And God puts those passions in us for a reason. (Not the sinful ones, get your mind out of the gutter.)


We have these passions and desires and things we love to do and enjoy doing and things that help us relax, and those are great. But the problem becomes when we live for those things. We should have hobbies. Watch a game, get on the PlayStation for a while, bake your heart out, arts and crafts your afternoon away. Enjoy it. Love it. But use it as a means of recharging, not escaping. We’ve got to repurpose this into something that gives glory to God, so how?


Use your hobbies and your leisure time and your rest as a sabbath, not an escape. Sabbath is a time away from work. It’s not an escape from work, but a time to recharge. It’s making sure that your work time is the best it can be, cause you’re well rested and relaxed and recharged. Some people take Sunday afternoons, other take a few different nights a week, and some just do a few hours here and there. Our hobbies are important though. Rest and creativity are vital to us being in a healthy place to love those around us and bring our best to everything we do.


Enjoy your hobbies this week. Rest. Create. Enjoy. And be thankful for that time, because it recharges you. Let it be the springboard into living more passionately, and let your work be better because of them.