January 29, 2019

January 29, 2019

You’ve got to work at it.

Sometimes I think we expect it to just happen. Like one day we’ll wake up and want to read our Bible. Like, one day we’ll roll out of bed and the desires will be gone, the struggle will be no more, and we’ll just listen to God with ease. And truthfully that will happen, but only in eternity.


In this life, listening to God and choosing his will over our own requires work. It requires practice and accountability. It means putting the work in.


Do you put work into your faith? Works won’t save you, only Jesus can do that. He does call us, though, to “work out” our own salvation. We’re to work grace, love, discipline, and hope into our every fiber and that is a process. It’s an every day, day after day, real struggle of a process.


Are you working at it?