January 2, 2018

January 2, 2018

So, if I’m only supposed to focus on Jesus, does that mean abandoning my family, friends, job, and hobbies to like just pray all day? No. It means we prioritize and repurpose.


You can’t leave your job. You’ve got bills. We all do. Yet, when we’re at work, our purpose shouldn’t be to make money. We’re blessed and we get to do that. But our ultimate goal should be to shine a light into the world around us, including our coworkers.


Here is a litmus test to determine if you’re at work for your money or if that is just a distraction from what we’re called to do.


Would the people you work with have an accurate understanding of Jesus based on the way you treat them?


Maybe…. But maybe not. If the thought has never crossed your mind it might be time to repurpose your career. Make your money. Get your promotion. But do it in a way that when the people you work with see you they see Jesus in the cube next to them. Make it so they think Jesus is down the assembly line from them. Make them feel like Jesus just installed their internet service. Make them see Jesus in you.


This way, work has joy, and purpose, and doesn’t distract from your mission, but leads you to have purpose and passion about your work, because your work is where you live out what Jesus has called us all toward.