February 4, 2019

February 4, 2019


This week we’re going to be taking a look at different ways we can go about being more proactive in our bringing.


In our workplace

We’ve all got to go to work every week. It’s part of life. Work is actually something that God wanted for us and before sin came into the world we actually enjoyed it.  We were made to work. Yet for so many people going to work is just another thing we are obligated to. We go in, serve our time, and head home. What would it look like though if we started to look at work differently? What if we see work as proximity? What if we made the most of those moments, lunches with coworkers, small talk before and after work, and all the other time we spend close to the people we work with? What would your work look like if you started, instead of just attending, looking at your workplace as a mission field? You could pray for your customers and coworkers. You could invite people closer by sharing stories, experiences, meals. You could be intentional about your time there and allow your time at work to become a mission field.


If we believe what the Bible says about our calling and our God then you are not working where you work by mistake. God has you there for a reason. Your work can and should be filled with gospel intentionality.