February 28, 2019

February 28, 2019

What do I do when the situation isn’t what I expected?

There are a lot of times when life’s circumstances don’t make sense. Sometimes it’s when things go bad. Other times it’s when God’s plan isn’t seeming to match up with mine. Even worse other times things happen that we assume we’ll never know the reason for and we can’t understand why they’re happening.


One of the most comforting verses in scripture is from Romans 8:28. It tells us that all things work together for good when we’ve put our faith in Jesus to follow his purposes.


What that means for you and for me is that God has good things planned for us. He has this life he’s promised us and he wants to help us achieve it. He’s so good he gives us good things, but he also takes the bad things and makes them work for good. He takes the hurt, and the discomfort, and all the bad we find ourselves fighting and he makes them work for good.


Have you stopped to trust God with your circumstances? Have you given the place, the person, the plan over to his hands? The future may not be exactly what you expected, but it will always work towards good.