February 17, 2017

February 17, 2017

Be like Jesus


When Jesus was going through the toughest time of his life, He stopped, and prayed for the very people causing his greatest pain. Read it. In the book of Luke (luke 23:34) Jesus literally asks God to forgive the people who are killing him. They’re busy beating him and nailing him to a piece of wood and Jesus is really worried about making sure the father goes easy on them because they know really know what they’re doing. It is crazy when you stop and think about it….


I think we all have this line of grace we’re willing to extend to people. Sometimes it’s a lot of grace and others it’s not so much. But I’ve always been amazed by the way we eventually just cut people off. We give them only so much and then we close the door and send them on their way. We sometimes get bitter. Sometimes we grow callous. But either way, we push them out.


This happens everywhere. Friendships, business relationships, and even marriages are full of people who finally had no more grace to give and closed the door on someone. And yet, we see Jesus do this. They arrested him in the night, and he still cared for them. They accused him and abused him. He worried about them. They beat and mocked him. He forgave them. They crucified Him and he loved them. And right before all of this he told the ones closest to him, “love one another as I have loved you.”


Sometimes we stop paying attention to people because it’s too hard. We cut them off because it seems pointless. We stop trying because the effort doesn’t seem worth the reward. Yet Jesus pressed on…


Some people will inevitably require more attention. Some people are just hurt deeper. Not worse, or greater, but some hurt requires a little more work than others. We’re called to love like Jesus did. We’re called to forgive like he did. We’re called to give people not just the attention they deserve, but the attention they need.
Who are you giving attention to??