February 16, 2017

February 16, 2017

Be on time.


One thing we seem to have lost as a culture is the value of being on time. We’re late to everything. We’re late to work, late to meetings, late to movies, and late to church. As a culture, we’ve kind of just accepted that people won’t be there on time.


If you’ve ever been on receiving end of a late individual you know how much this can do damage. It’s like every moment you wait on the other person only digs in deeper the knife of betrayal in deeper.


Ok, I might be exaggerating….. Slightly…. It’s important though. Time, I mean. Our time is important and the time we spend with people is important as well. I few years ago I made the decision that I would spend time with a few men at least once a month. We’d get together and talk and share and sometimes just chill together. I started with two guys and now I have a handful of men that I am just intentional about spending time with.


Sometimes I think we miss this. We want to know people, and be known, but we miss that giving attention does require time. It requires me, not to give all my time, but to me intentional with it. It requires me to make sure that I’m giving my time to things that add value and make the world better.


I can say this is something I struggle with making happen in my own life. It’s easier to watch a season on netflix than it is to go out and spend time with people. People are messy, sticky, and kinda annoying at times. But Jesus calls us to be with them. It would easier to ignore everyone and hide with a good book, but life change isn’t found alone. It’s found with others. It’s found when you pay attention to someone else, and they pay attention to you.
So please…. Be on time. If not for the other person, for yourself.