February 13, 2019

February 13, 2019

He gave us purpose.


Most often when people think of Christians they think of moral superiority. They think about the people who are well put together, who have no issues, and who don’t struggle with any real issues. They are good people who do good things. It’s a faith summed up by how good you are.


What I love about this passage is the purpose it gives to us. Our lives are about more than being good. We’ve lost track of that in the last few decades but truly our life and faith are about so much more than being a decent person.


Now, I have to stop here and preface with this fact. Part of our duty, responsibility, and purpose as believers is to become more like Christ in every way. So when we try to be more like him, we do become better people. This is a real, valid, and important part of following Jesus. What I want to stress, though, is that this isn’t the only thing we as believers should be focused on.


Like we talked about this past Sunday, our mission in the church should be to make disciples. He calls us here, in this passage, very specifically, to be his witnesses. He wants us to go out, live out our faith, in both word and in deed. He wants us to love our neighbors, to care for the hopeless and helpless. He wants us to be a place where people can seek refuge. He’s given us a great purpose.