February 13, 2017

February 13, 2017

We all know people who God has put into our life, but how do we make sure that we’re giving people the attention they deserve? Over the next week we’ll look at how we can give appropriate attention to those whom God has placed in our life.


Be Present


It’s easy to let your mind wander. If you’re a thinker, it can often be an excuse to ignore the people around you to simply “be in your head.” If you want to give people the attention they deserve though, you’ve got to be present in the moment with them.


We’ve got all types of excuses that we use to explain why we don’t do this. Sometimes we say we’re multitasking. Some people use the excuse that they just need to “check” their phone. Still others just lie and say they were listening. Still yet, others blame “conditions” on their inability to listen. All the while, relationships get stalled, feelings get hurt, and we continue to waste time being around people and not with them.


Jesus was insanely good at being present. Part of his amazing comebacks were due to him being God, but sometimes it was just because he was there. He watched. He saw. In one instance, these guys trying to get to Jesus actually went around the crowds, climbed on the roof, and lowered their crippled friend in through the ceiling.


It doesn’t say “Jesus was God so he knew they had faith.” No, it says he saw their faith. He was watching. He wasn’t thinking about something else. He wasn’t playing on his phone. He wasn’t “multitasking.” He was present.
For so many of us, the first step to truly giving someone the attention they deserve is to simply be present for the moments we get together. It’s not about scheduling phone calls. Making lunch dates. Sometimes it’s just about making the most of the time we already have.