December 6, 2017

December 6, 2017

Psalm 91:4


There is something beautiful about the imagery here. God covers us under his wings, pulling us in close, like a mother bird shielding its children from all the rain. Does this mean the babies never feel wet? Not at all. But it means that mother bird bears most of it for them, takes all that she can on their behalf, gives of her comfort for their safety.


It’s easy to look at the bad in your life and think God’s not watching. It’s easy to think he doesn’t care. However, what we do not see are all the things he protects us from. We never see the accident he kept us from. We never see the bad choices he guided us away from. We never see how much he does to stretch out his wing and cover us.


Maybe things aren’t great for you right now. Maybe you aren’t exactly thrilled. Things could be worse though. He is covering you. He cares for you. Does that mean nothing bad ever happens? Nope. It means that he is a place you can take refuge. Under his wing, you can curl up and find comfort from all of life’s storms.


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