December 28, 2018

December 28, 2018

{credit: Chasing Failure, What if losing was the quickest way to win?,}


The Best Command Ever

Hearing that you should be strong and courageous is a lofty notion. It’s a pretty idea. It’s something nice to hear. But God changes the game and changes the tone of this concept in verse 9 of Joshua 1. He says, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous.”


So God, let me get this straight… Up there with, ‘Do not steal. Do not kill. Do not murder’… You’re COMMANDING that I be strong and courageous?

I always thought this verse was a suggestion. It’s one of those verses you see on bathroom walls in church, not a verse you see right below the 10 commandments. God is so adamant on us being strong and courageous that He made it a command. God is so invested on us getting over our fears and insecurities that He doesn’t just command strength and bravery, but he backs up us His command with His attendance in our lives. He can command us to be courageous because He’s the insurance policy on our success. God is not encouraging us to be strong because we’re great, but because He’s great.

So here’s some really good news: there’s never been a better command for you to follow. Most commands feel like things you can’t do. This is a command that frees you up to do more than you’ve ever done in your life.

I did try out for an NBA team, and I did indeed fail. But I realized something in Phoenix as I was running up and down the court feeling absolutely embarrassed. In the midst of failing to make an NBA team, I kept running pass the Phoenix Suns logo and I asked myself, “How did you get here?” There were many places I could have been on that Monday afternoon, but I was playing on an NBA practice court. And I realized that chasing failure took me further than chasing success ever did.

God wanted me to have something better than my name on the back of an NBA jersey. He wanted me to have a life free from fear. Since that tryout, my life has drastically changed because I’m just not afraid to fail anymore.

The reality for you and I is that when it comes to strength and bravery, it’s not a suggestion… it’s a command. You don’t have any other choice but to live your life courageous.