August 31, 2018

August 31, 2018

Why should I join a group?


The truth of the matter is, the Bible doesn’t talk about community groups. The early church didn’t have a program. They didn’t do sign-ups. They were just too excited to explore this thing called faith that they couldn’t help but to be around each other.


That’s why we do groups. With all the distractions, obligations, and vices that cling to our attention, we want to be intentional about creating a moment when you can truly connect with others.


We want you to notice other people.

We want you to learn to give grace and forgiveness and give it lavishly to people you care about.


We want you to invite people in; not just to your living room but to the real you.


We want you to experience the joy of seeing the gifts God has given you be a blessing to those he places around you.


We want those moments for you.


Take some time today and read Acts 2:42-47.