August 25, 2017

August 25, 2017

Acts 8:4-8


There was a terrible persecution in Jerusalem of those who believed in Christ. They were being arrested and thrown into prison. So, many of the thousands of believers in Jerusalem started spreading out from the city to safer places where they could live without persecution.


As Philip went out of Jerusalem he found himself teaching and preaching in Samaria. The people were listening to him, and they were all paying attention as he shared the gospel. The entire community was made better by the message of the gospel.


It’s amazing how great God is. He took what was a terrible situation and made it into something amazing. He took the persecution of the church and used it to spread people all over the world sharing their faith. He took persecution and used it to bring “joy” to cities everywhere.


Whatever the terrible situation you may be in, God can do good things with it. Our God is so great, not only does he give us good things, he takes the bad things and makes them good.


Take some time today and ask God to use all of your life. Ask him to take the good and the bad and use both for His glory.