August 22, 2017

August 22, 2017

Acts 7:1 – 53

Stephen speaks to his accusers. He’s kind of harsh with them. Sometimes harsh words are needed though. And who can blame him, honestly. He was just snatched up by the very people that crucified Jesus. They now try to silence him as he shares of Jesus’ victory over their schemes.

He reminds them of who called them out of Israel. He reminds them of the promises. He gives Jesus credit for fulfilling those promises. He calls out their guilt in denying the son of God. His words however fall on deaf ears. He speaks truth, but they do not listen.

This is something we have to prepare for as it comes to living out and sharing our faith. Sometimes people just won’t hear it. You can speak till you’re blue in the face, you can show love as long as there is love to give and they still will show hostility. We saw in Jesus’ life, he was rejected on numerous occasions. In the same way Stephen was rejected as well. Why would we expect different?

Now, we won’t always face this rejection. Thousands had heard and decided to follow Jesus, but there were those who refused. Just as today, there will be times when our words fall on deaf ears.

We can’t let this cause us to lose heart. We can’t let this lead us to falling back and keeping silent. There will be times when people do not like what we have to say. We don’t speak for those who walk away, though, we speak for those who hear the truth and make the decision to follow Jesus.