August 18, 2017

August 18, 2017

Acts 6:1-7

As the ministry grew, now thousands among them trying to follow Jesus, the leaders of the church had way too much going on. They weren’t preaching, healing, and teaching because they were too busy cleaning tables and feeding widows. Now note, there is nothing wrong with cleaning tables. The disciples were not being snobby, looking at jobs as “beneath” them, but instead, they knew that things ONLY THEY COULD DO were not being done because they were busy doing things OTHER PEOPLE COULD DO. So they found disciples among them, and commissioned them to do the work in feeding the poor while the Apostles went to teach and preach.

BIG NOTE HERE – one job was not better than the other, but the Apostles had a specific gifting that they needed to be doing.

Here is what we should glean from this. Church is about everybody. We’re really good about this on Sunday morning because we obviously understand that a hand full of people literally CANNOT do everything, but we kinda miss this everywhere else. We see someone suffering and hope the pastor calls them. We know of someone in the hospital and send an email to make sure someone from the church visits. We know of a great opportunity to serve so we pass that along so hopefully someone else can go do it. We neglect the hands on portion of following Jesus. We forget that it’s not my pastor’s responsibility to call the sick people in the church, it’s mine. It’s not my pastor’s responsibility to invite my friends, it’s mine. It’s not my pastor’s job to check in on my small group family, it’s mine. We miss this part so often. We hope someone else will, so often. We get busy with things that we’re not called to, and keep our hands from doing the things God has called and gifted us towards.

What are you neglecting in the church? What are you busy with that is keeping you from doing the things we are called to in our church community?