August 14, 2017

August 14, 2017

Acts 4:32-37


By the time we wrap up chapter 4, the author comes back to a very important point of the early church’s emphasis. He repeats a similar theme, in that the church was all together, they took care of each other, and the world around them was changing.


Do you see the world changed because of your faith? Maybe not in drastic ways, but at all? Are lives changed? Are relationships changed? Are you even changed?


The gospel, in the hands of a disciple, was turning the world on its axis. People were selling their stuff, caring for each other, and had everything in common. We’d freak out today and call this socialism, but they truly took to heart Jesus command to love others the way they loved themselves. How could they live lavishly while their family was suffering? How could they enjoy riches while their brothers and sisters couldn’t eat? How could someone following Jesus’ example ignore the needs of their fellow laborers? How could a disciple not be compelled to give until it hurt knowing the example Jesus left in giving everything on the cross?


These men and women were committed to following Jesus. They weren’t religious, they weren’t guilt ridden, they simply wanted to follow everything Jesus had commanded them. That meant in every area of their life.


What areas of your life have you conveniently hid from your pursuit to follow Jesus? Maybe you’re not in open rebellion, but maybe you’ve just neglected to ask the question. If I am truly following Jesus, is there something in my life I need to change? Is there something I need to be more generous with, more faithful with, more loving with?