August 1, 2018

August 1, 2018

Check your habits

It is so easy to let your mind go on autopilot and just do what you do. Go into work. Talk to the same people. Get your stuff done. Follow your schedule. Make things happen. Don’t think about it, just function until you can get home. Just follow the pattern.


What if we lived differently though? What if we realized that all these habits and auto pilot moments are really costing us something? What if we decided to live intentionally?


Every day you are around people, every day God gives you another chance at the world. You have time, opportunity, resources, and decisions to make. These decisions, individually don’t seem like much, but the accumulated value of days weeks, and months can be the difference between a life lived in a bubble and a life lived making real changes. The intentionality of each day is the difference between doing your own thing and seeing God do his.


Are you intentional or are you on auto pilot? Could you step out of your habits and see the opportunities God has put in front of you?