April 28, 2017

April 28, 2017


1 John 2: 15-17


When, in our hearts, we love God and we love people, there is no room for a love of this world. While we may enjoy parts of it (God did intend for us to be here) we know it is broken and we know it’s not our home. We have a place with Jesus and with the church. In light of that, how would we love such a broken, evil place?


It happens though. We find that our hearts can make an idol of just about anything. We can worship our job, we can worship a hobby, or we can worship ourselves. It’s a dangerous thing to allow something to captivate your love. When that thing is something of this world, the consequences are dire.


John reminds us, this world is passing away. The things we let crowd our heart and keep us from loving Jesus, each other, and those around us, are all temporary. Our Heavenly Father has given us something so much greater to give our hearts to. He has given us eternity.


What is your heart’s desire? Is it something that will last for eternity? Or are you giving your love and your life to things that are less than deserving of it?

April 27, 2017