April 26, 2017

April 26, 2017

Wednesday 1

John 2: 1-6

John addresses the same topic as he did in chapter 1, but from a different perspective this time. He assures us in chapter 1 that we’re forgiven, and we no longer need to carry the weight, burden, and darkness of sin, but that we can confess these sins and He will forgive us. He encourages us that all sin, and if we think otherwise we’re sadly confused. However, he continues the discussion by letting us know that while our sin is forgiven, they are forgiven at a hefty cost.

“He IS the propitiation for our sins.” John reminds us. He was the one who reconciled us, who died for us, who was beaten for us, who was forsaken by the father so we would not be. Our forgiveness may come easy to us, but it was not a small price to pay for our forgiveness. It’s often thought that Christians can do what they want and then ask for forgiveness and be okay. John directly refutes that by reminding the church of the gravity of their sin, and what lasting impact it can have.

When we realize how much he gave for us, and how freely we have been given such a costly gift, it compels us to follow. If God loves me that much, why would I not follow him? If he’s willing to go that far for me, why would I not trust him? If he knows that much more than I do, why would I ever not listen to him? John’s way of expressing this is much simpler. If you know him, you’ll keep his commandments. He already admitted we all struggle with sin, and we need forgiveness so this isn’t an absolute, but when we know him, we want to listen to him. We want to live the way he lived, value what he valued, and love others the way he loved us.

Do you know Jesus? Does that relationship compel you to become more like him?