April 23, 2019

April 23, 2019

The stone is great evidence.


When they buried Jesus’ body they placed him in a borrowed grave and they sealed it with his body in it. The Roman government was so concerned about the political backlash of this event that they set guards in front of the tomb to protect it from vandalism and tampering.


In spite of a two-ton stone, a sealed entrance, around the clock Roman guard, and a Friday before that saw Jesus face an abuse unknown and unfathomable to most, the gravestone was moved and the grave was empty.


The stone in front of the tomb and all the other efforts that so many took to keep Jesus there couldn’t stop him from resurrecting and leaving that tomb empty for our sake on the following Sunday, just like he promised.


We serve such an amazing God. Even when we don’t know what God is doing we still have confidence in his promise. We have confidence that he will do what he has said and not even the grave could keep him from showing us the depths of his love and power.